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Zenitar 16mm fisheye lens review Bookmark and Share

 About month I wanted Zenitar fisheye lens but the Canon and Sigma had too big price so I considered buy an ' exotic lens ' with , maybe , limited usage which I could very well not like at all ... Sometime ago, looking for lens on different sites, I saw many Zenitar 16mm offeres. Price for Zenitar 16mm was very low . I did not expect much for that money but was pleasantly surprised when I got it in my hands .It's well done and really small . It has an EOS mount and fits on my 1DMkII .

The metering can be done in Manual Mode but there's another way to make  the photo camera
and Zenitar lens communicate  together :
Set the photo camera on Av mode with the aperture setting on 1.0 ( yes , 1.0 ! ) . choose
the wanted aperture manually on the lens and there it works !

The AF needs to be manual as the photo camera has no contacts with the fisheye lens . This
is really easy on a Zenitar 2.8/16 lens. For every object exceeding a few meters , I set the
focus at infinity . The hyperfocal reach seems infinite .
Also , and this wasn't expected , the least focus distance is around 10cm ( less than 4 inch
) .
It's a well known fact , fisheyes and very large wide angles give distortion (in this case
a lot ) as soon as the horizon is not kept horizontal . To put this right , there is the
defishing method .
Conclusion  : I find this lens  AMAZINGLY    cheap, strong, little, smart, easy to use!